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Sandlot baseball in Cleveland during the 1960’s

Baseball in Cleveland, at the amateur and professional levels, was in flux during the mid-1960s.  Cleveland had been the “Sandlot Capital of the World”, but amateur baseball participation was declining and challenged by economic changes and new entertainment options.  The Cleveland Indians were also coping with changes at the professional level after great success in the late 1940s and through the 1950s.  These challenges mirrored the challenges faced by the City of Cleveland and new mayor Carl Stokes.

By 1967, professional baseball at League Park in Hough had been absent for nearly two decades.  The neighborhood had changed dramatically during those two decades.  League Park had been almost completely demolished.

Over the past 50 years League Park has gone from a neglected ruin to a restored jewel.  To varying degrees and varying skill levels, baseball at League Park has been a constant through those 50 years.

Please join us on Saturday, August 12 at noon when we look back 50 years at baseball and Hough at the time of the historic election of Carl Stokes as Mayor of Cleveland.  Our event will feature a panel of participants in Cleveland amateur baseball in 1967 including Russ Schneider, Frank Petruno, Gary Oring and Nobby Lewandowski.